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Covid-19 Statement

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In order to keep our workforce, clients and suppliers safe during this COVID-19 pandemic, Amba Consult workforce are currently working from home except in certain areas of health and social care where we have to provide support to clients whose workforce continue to serve in the frontline services, providing wellbeing to the vulnerable in the community.

We undertake to reduce risks of infection by ensuring full compliance with UK government COVID-19 regulations and following advice from the World Health Organisation.

We are still committed to providing you with quality and prompt service.

Where the nature of business with you makes face-to-face contact inevitable, we will observe all rules guiding safe contact including, but not limited to, safe distancing, wearing face masks and washing of hands. This is on top of assuring you that our staff will provide evidence of their vaccinations against the coronavirus.


Contacting us online may still be the safest and quickest way of providing our services.


To contact us please click here


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For our L&D and training services, please click here


While we continue to review our COVID-19 statement with our service delivery patterns, we would like to thank all for their support and please let us stay connected.


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